Industry Politics

Many rappers believe that once they reach industry status that then they are immune to everything, that somehow they don’t have to deal with the same politics people in a cubical must live with. This belief is false because as long as you rely on someone to cut you a check you will have to deal with egos, petty competition, and be involved in issues that no way concern you. Do not get it twisted if you are not a successful independent rapper then you are an employee whose work space is a stage that moves nationwide and a recording booth.

When working in a cubical you are forced to work alongside people you don’t care for. While being a rapper your label will force you to collaborate with rappers you may not like but they have a buzz and you need to make the song happen. While in a cubicle your bosses will attempt to take credit for all the work you do; in the rap game you’re A&R will rise in the ranks the more successful you become. Truthfully the only key differences between the two in the vital areas are the fact that you get fame with rap while in the cubical you paid, that’s about it.

Let me give you an example on how industry politics can fuck you over. After Mannie Fresh left Cash Money Records over financial disputes he was looking for his own label deal. Jay Z came looking to sign him at Def Jam because at the time he was the President. Yet this was at the same time Jay Z was planning his escape to get Roc Nation. After Mannie signed the time came for Jay Z to bounce and make even more money. You would think Mannie would still be ok but Jay Z left a lot of resentment when he made this move. From that point on they looked at Mannie as being an extension of Jay Z because Jay personally made the move to get Mannie therefore to say the least his deal was meaningless due to things outside of his control.

Moral to this story is that the industry has the same politics as those in the offices and by being a rapper or producer doesn’t exempt you from it. Too many people think that a perk of the job does not have to deal with this but that is clearly false. Being in the music industry is a job no matter how glamorous people make it sound or look and you must be prepared for it to succeed in it.