Things always seem insurmountable until you begin to make strides to making it happen. What takes years of work to accomplish seems like a daunting task but when you move one step ahead of the last then that time flys past faster than you believe. This aspect of life insures that anything that can happen is possible for those who never give up. Therefore instead of seeking shortcuts or trying to succeed off anothers hard work it is more important for you to begin your own path towards the success you want to control. It maybe intimidating but the time needed to become something is needed to mold you into someone who can succeed.

When climbing a mountain the most difficult step to take is the first one. That first step is the one that announces your intention and puts everything motion. Instead of thinking about the mountain top you need to focus on making your next step the best one. Once you get into a rhythem of moving forward it will become second nature and just as easy to move forward as it is to stop. Without thinking about it you will get to your end destination without it becoming mundane or torture on your mind. You will find the enjoyment in passing milestones rather than waiting for the time where everything is done. Eventually your path will complete as long as you put in effort towards it consistently.

Sadly people are too intimidated by hard work to actually build something. Instead they will piggyback off someone else or go in cycle of failure. This is why successful people have a long line of people who try to associate themselves with them but those people never do anything on their own. As much as people think money is the reason why they are lacking that is nothing but a crutch. Hard work is free if you do it yourself and that is all it takes to make many things happen from nothing. Others confuse themselves into believing that they have done everything they need to succeed but the reality is far from that. Putting in ten minutes of work on something before moving on to the next is far from building things. If you want it bad enough then you will learn every aspect of it and figure a way to get it to work. Stop diluting yourself and actually make strides.

The moral to this story is that every long path begins with the first step forward. Having the hunger to make that first step shows that you can make all of them if you want to reach the end of the road bad enough. Stop looking for short cuts or to eat of others than establishing your own identity. Yes it is intimidating to begin a long journey like chasing the music industry. A lot of people will doubt your progress and question your journey but if you simply focus on taking a step forward that day then you will push past it.