Invisible Ceiling


Everyone who chases after success will eventually hit the invisible ceiling. The invisible ceiling is the point where your growth stops before your end destination for reasons that you can’t see. Now this could be your competition coming together to prevent you or the current plan you have maxed out on its progression. Either way this is where you are tested on whether you want to succeed bad enough. Either you will evolve and breakthrough no matter the obsticles or you will falter never reaching the desired destination. This is one of the biggest reasons why people quit and the reason why they say “if it were easy then everyone would do it”.

The invisible ceiling is often seen in corporate america where people aren’t allowed to climb in positions that they give to lesser qualified people. Often this is because you are a woman, you are black, you are too old, etc. a bunch of nonsense when if you are the most qualified you should be the one to have the job. Things like racism, sexism, to favortism all plays into the creation of your invisible ceiling. Outside of such the invisible ceiling is a mental block that you put on yourself. When you own your own business sometimes your plan for that business simply won’t get you to the success you want. There could be a plot against you or you simply aren’t attracting the people you need with your current trajectory. Either way you will reach a point and stay there until you find a way to breakthrough or give up.

Now how do you breakthrough the invisible ceiling? It varies based on what you are faced with and the grind you are currently in. I would like to say that never giving up and grinding is the standard but it isn’t. In terms of corporate america often it is better for you to give up and build your own brand because they will never let you rise or outplay the office politics using anything at your disposal (no matter the ethics involved). In terms of having your own, yes never quitting is the first step. The second step is to be creative and try new things with strategic plans backing it. Eventually you will find a weak spot in that invisible ceiling and break it. If you don’t then you will eventually falter and try something new just to be put back in the same spot.

The moral to this story is to know that nothing is easy. There will be an invisible ceiling eventually and you will struggle to break it. Once you do then you will find success until the next one. Some ceilings are dirty, based on race to sex but those can be broken as well. I recommend people build their own from the start so that your performance is the main thing you are fighting. Still this is what makes life tough and no matter your position there are options to take to breakthrough if you are bold enough and really desire it.