Keeping The Beatles Together


One does not hit the lottery but throw away the ticket because they don’t want to pay out. This is a thought process you must have for if you ever get lucky enough to get something you have always wanted. Understand that everything about this life is going to have its flaws and difficulties but if you are winning then continue to push forward. I know things become unbearable when you are dealing with personalities that wear on you after time but unless you have better options you need to stick it out. All too often these emotions of frustration will make you lose everything, this is why it pays to keep a cool head.


If you were to meet the girl of your dreams are you going to give up on her if she doesn’t immediately fall madly in love with you? Personally I believe you fight for the things you want the most. It is only until all options have been depleted and you run the risk of crossing the line should you give up. Maybe this was a bad example because there is always another beautiful woman for you once you have you stuff together. Yet the point is anything you get that you obviously have always wanted shouldn’t be easily discarded because things get difficult. That is an easy way to being miserable in your life.

Here is something that Jimmy Iovine told Dr. Dre when he decided to walk away from Death Row. “Don’t break up the Beatles”. This is knowledge from history of the music industry because The Beatles were widely praised as the greatest group the music industry seen for a generation. When a massively successful band breaks up in their prime people will always wonder what could have happened. Now in Dr. Dre’s path he had the intention to be on his own and start over which wasn’t exactly promising but considering that he did it once before had to have smoothed the transition. Yet basically what this music industry veteran whos label had the four biggest acts in music at one time meant is if there is any way to keep the money coming then keep it going. Don’t be so prideful that you give up something that you may never get back. Thankfully Dre was able to rebound again but the same can’t be said for the likes of David Ruffin, Florence Ballard aka Effie from Dreamgirls, etc. There is no shortage of failed storys from people who let pride interfere with business.


The moral to this story is to not give up on things too quickly. If what you wanted was easy then everyone around you would have it. Honestly the persuit makes the ending destination that much more worth while. Anything handed to you can be discarded just as quick because you therefore would have no emotional attachment to it. If you have nothing else going for you then it is much better for you hang on for as long as you can until you build something for you. Don’t be like these bands who fall apart while they are succeeding.