Kill hate with kindness

Being in the music industry opens you to all kinds of people. Some of these people have no more to with their lives but to make yours just as miserable. Often I am mistaken as one of these people because of my harsh criticism towards those in need. Yet the difference between us is I wish everyone the best. I am happy to see anyone succeed no matter the circumstances but they still need to hear the truth. I am a firm believer that only the harsh truth can open ones eyes but I only do so with words of construction to follow. Yet there are some that can’t understand that.

I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with a well known artist named Lil B. Ofcourse I am not a fan of his music so I gave him the truth raw and uncut. I guess I was expecting him to be pissed and attempt to curse me out like many of his fans, but this was not the case. He responded by saying god bless you and received my respect as a man. Those words speak volumes of who he is as a person. He understands I was merely trying to help and it was all business. His kindness is what provoked me to add him as a friend.

Lil B taught me something that day, he had every reason to try to come after me like Lex Luger has done in the past but he didn’t and showed me love. So for now on I shall do the same. Most have no idea how nasty my hate mail gets and often it gets to me as I defend my views with anger. Yet no more I shall use love to combat the hate thrown my way because people aren’t prepared for that.

I urge you to do the same. Once people realise that you are a good person at heart they will be less inclined to spew hate and you may obtain a few fans as well.