Know It All


Why is it that society in general believes that it is wrong to admit that you don’t know something? Looking logically it is impossible for one person to know everything or even care for things outside of their desires. Yet as a means to prove themselves or what ever other reason people want to always claim to know about things that only a specialist would. For example, I specialize in underground Hip Hop. Does this mean I know all there is about it? No, but I do know more than the vast majority of people just from sheer experience. So why do people attempt to tell me about such when they obviously know nothing.


It seems as though people will say anything just so they can have something to say instead of taking a chance to learn. No one expects you to know everything and no one will hold it against you if you tell people upfront that you don’t know. As you all should know by the time this post is uploaded that I have upgraded my quality again getting a good quality camera and more. Now while researching what I wanted I contacted the usual people who I trust in their opinions on technology. My best friend told me he knows computers not cameras and I respect that so much I had to write an article about it. I know far too many people who would simply take the money and pretend they know everything. Yet my homie truely wants me to succeed and find the best equipment. This led me to researching everything on my own trying to figure out what would work for me.


Its peoples urge to talk when they need to shut up that losses their credibility. See everyone whats to be the pulse of the party but have nothing to actually offer it. This is something I have learned with conversations with my brothers. My brother tends to say the most because he is a natural leader and a great sense of humor. He may be crazy but he has carisma that will get anyone to follow his lead if he gets himself ready. The only times I speak is when the conversation goes in my direction outside of that I am analyzing because honestly there are better speakers, better leaders, and very funny people close to me. I don’t feel competition for attention, I am having a good time and trying to gather a gasp on how I can become better.


The moral to this story is that there is nothing wrong with not knowing and shutting up. Take advantage of the ability to learn in the background so you can use these things later. Many things I talk about in these articles are based on my experiences of simply watching others. If you were to express that you don’t know something then that should garner respect but sadly most people are full of crap. Either they know it all or are mad that you don’t know it all. Yet this is a great sign that these people care more about getting things right to you than giving you false information. These are important things to watch out for to know