Knowledge Over Money


It is important to soak up game where ever you can in order to learn to do things without having to pay people. All too often people are too short sided to do this because you are way too focused on getting paid. It is time for you to learn the truth about life, if you aren’t putting in the risk then you are going to reap the benefits. Therefore working for others is not a means to building money it is simply to get by. The key is to build something that you can profit off but that is where working for others pays off because the more questions you ask the more you know.


People really need to stop hating on those who have things happening, instead you should want to watch and take notes on how to do what they are doing. This is how Bad Boy came into existence, there is no way Sean Combs builds that empire without working at Uptown Records. He learned the game and was successful until his ego got him axed. From there he was able to jump into a label with 5 straight platnium records. Puff learned the game while burning bridges but with the help of Andre Harrell he built something that still stands today. Puff was an intern meaning legal slave working for nothing until he rose in the ranks. Sometimes you have to sacrafice the potential money to learn.


So I have been helping with an event put on by my homie. I don’t get paid much for this and the amount of time it takes up is one of the reasons why I don’t do weekend shows like that anymore. Yet this was something that I knew I would need and that became true once he decided to go on tour. Being around this shows me how to put on an event as far as the business behind it. And now by going to multiple other cities I have learned how they promote without even being in the area. All this is key knowledge for when I build my own and the cherry on top is getting paid to watch. It may not be much but the value is in the knowledge not the money.


The moral to this story is that the knowledge is more important than the money. Do not expect to make a killing when someone else has to pay. Things don’t work that way because they are only going to pay you enough to keep you coming back. You have to part of the risk to what ever move that is being made for you to get the money you want. Yet you can learn from others as they live that risk. Learning the game will keep you from taking unnecessary loss when its time to do your own thing. Don’t let the money mess up your growth.