Labels Are Not On Your Side

People never understand why the vast majority of acts who make albums in the music industry have a sophmore slump. Yet when you analyze the game it makes perfect sense that most people never will be able to top their first album. Sadly quality music isn’t what the industry is about, instead it is milking a popular act for all their worth before discarding them for the next. Longevity has become even more rare but all by design of the greedy major record labels. You must understand this before you attempt to be a signed act because other wise you will be chewed up like the vast majority of people.


You have your whole life pre label deal to come up with your skills, image, concept, and best music for your first album. These days people are getting put on closer to 17, so anyone who desire to be skillful have a good period of time to get themselves together. The problem is how record deals are structured, the vast majority of people have a time frame of one year before they have to release their next project. Sounds like a while but progression takes time and filtering out songs that aren’t on the level must also be factored in. This is how great artists turn in lack luster projects, simply put time just run out. To go along with touring, partying, and the little bit of time you have for yourself it is no coicidence that many acts go down hill after the first album.


If you were a record label that wanted to groom and progress an act then you could do many things. You can give an artist 2-3 years for a new project, the first year after their first release should be touring and the crap that an artist has to do. Year two should be working on the new album, I throw in year three in case if the album isn’t on par. Major labels can do this because they have a large roster and the finances to remind people of the act that disappeared. Yet that isn’t what they do, instead they could careless about the quality of music released. Touring and making new music must go hand and hand for the next years release. Honestly they just throw an artist an advance and tell them not to mess it up. When they do mess it up then they are in debt for maybe the rest of their career. Nothing hurts our career more than a subpar album but the game is designed to make those because they could careless about their artists.


The moral to this story is to know that the label you are signed to isn’t on your side. You may think that they are in the business of making sure you can make money in the long run but your wrong. With so many people out here who do music they feel it is better to max out an artist then discard them quickly. That way they ride your wave of your first album and then move on leaving your career down. Now that you know this you can make wiser decisions on how to play the game.