Leaving Family For Hoes

One thing I see constantly is how men leave their family in pursuit of these hoes out here and this has to stop. This is the whole grass is greener on the other side of the fence shit and it ends up costing you way more than you think. If you are miserable in your relationship then I can’t knock you for wanting to leave it but if you are being lured out to get some new ass then you have to man up. Too many dudes are winning with their relationships but choose to throw it away for much worse situations out of boredom.

First of all understand that all this scattered ass in the streets isn’t worth a damn. I understand guys always desire to do better but one of my favorite quotes from the terrible movie Hall Pass was “every loser in Vegas thinks they can do better! You know what winners do? They walk away from the table while they are up”. Basically a positive relationship is worth more than searching for a dream that odds are don’t exist or the “excitement” only terrible relationships bring. Yes from the outside looking in getting at these fast women seems great and it is some short term fun but it is a long term disaster. This is something you never sacrifice a successful relationship for.

Many men ruin their lives out of boredom and this is important for you not to do. I understand marrying to even moving in with a woman shows you her flaws in a new light. Also the only good relationships are the boring ones where very few bad things actually happen, sadly many men and women consider drama to be “exciting”. The more you mature the more you realize whats important especially in relationships, having someone that doesn’t ruin your peace and do good by you is the best you can ask for personality wise. Boredom will drive a man to another woman without acknowledging the consequences of their actions. Once those consequences hit it is magnified by the children you have, by how bitter your ex becomes because she will desire revenge, and odds are you will go through the same shit with your new girl now you have less money.

The moral to this story is you never stop winning because you are bored of it. Some dudes have good women who bring more to the table than having some ass but dudes rather throw that away because its boring. All this “excitement” in the dating environment is seriously overrated and if you give up a quality relationship for it then you will pay for that decision for a long time. I am not the moral police, get a side woman who knows her role and keep from giving up a positive relationship. Leaving a family for some ass is a weak mans thought, never do that shit.