Letting Go


I am a person that prides himself on never giving up. This mentality has helped me reach this point in my life where I have made more money off music than anyone I have ever known. Not saying I have a huge amount of success, more that I have just had more than those I am directly tied to. Yet some of the smartest things I have done in my life is to let go of certain things that did nothing but tie me down. My never say die mentality has limits to things that are working not things that are a product of habit. This is what you must understand as you pursue your dream, sometimes you are being strategic not quitting.

There was a time where I was a part of a rap team called peepgame ent. One of the smartest things I did was to quit that team. I may have held on too long out of love and loyalty that I shouldn’t have had but better late than never. In the beginning that team helped me learn the game with every move and mistake we made. A few members helped motivate me and we did some great work for the time. Yet this team splintered into smaller factions and our disagreements led to a stand still. Since these people were once my friends I felt it was necessary to stick things out. Yet what made me come to my senses is when they turned down a potential record deal when we had nothing going for us. As well as the issues another member had with me boiled over the top. From that point I moved on and that was one of the best things for me because it pushed me into being more part owner of a studio than failed label partner.

Sometimes you have to let go of things in order to move forward. This is why I gave away my Triton keyboard because I knew I was done producing and that was one of the steps I needed to do to prove it. Now did that mean I quit music? Of course not, I refocused my efforts into making reviews as well as building my musicial IQ. The destination has always been to find success in the music industry and honestly I could careless if it were due to rapping, producing, or reviewing. Yet by working in all of these aspects it has helped me in the long run because I can speak from experience and that makes me the superior reviewer today. When I took a road as far as it could go then I would use it to propel myself to the next level under the umbrella of the music industry. Some people I have delt with before in the past say that I quit music but the reality is with my blogging I have seen more success than they ever will. What is my blog about? Music, therefore I have done more with music than they ever will.

The moral to this story is that sometimes you have to let things go in order to obtain the success you desire. Look at it this way, say you are in New York and want to drive to Miami. The direct route to get there is to go straight down I95 South. So if I95 South is shut down does it mean you quit trying to get to Miami if you take I81 South until South Carolina? Ofcourse not, you instead took a different path that was open to you to get to the same destination. That is exactly what I have done as rapping, producing, engineering, etc. really just opened my eyes what fit me best to get to my end destination. Since all of these arts are related they all helped me reach further as I kept my eyes on the main goal.