Life As Chess Moves


One thing that kills me is when people get so emotional that they lose site of the ultimate goal. I understand the frustration when someone makes your life more difficult but always look at it like chess pieces. Is drawing a line in the sand going to help you get to where you desire or make things more difficult. There comes a time where you will have to mature and accept that there will be things you will have to do that you dont want to. If you can’t see this then your path will continue to be detoured and you may never get there.


I have a cousin who is attempting to move to my city. Now the problem is that he wasn’t established enough to make this move to stand on his own. We have plenty family down here but with every family when you do such there is a cost associated. The first cost his father presented to him is that he has to drive to take his sister back north and back. Yes this is asking alot, we are talking a 16 hour trip with no rest. My cousin is willing to let it go and move back home which he came down here for a reason. In the grand scheme it makes no sense to be emotional about losing a day when you are trying to set yourself up for life. Can he see this is ultimately the question.


You need to look at your life as if you are making moves on the chessboard. If you draw the line on someone and burn a bridge what does that mean for your long term growth? In this example, by drawing the line on his family which he would be justified in doing, he can cost himself the long term. Every move you make you should ask yourself if that is going to help you or hurt you for your final destination. Sometimes you will have to put up with things you don’t want to in order to get things done. Being too self absorbed will blur the big picture. Sometimes taking a loss is the best thing you can do to win big.


The moral to this story is to question every move you consider making. Question if it will have a positive effect on the final goal you have. This will keep you focused and prevent mistakes that will cost you time. Understand that time is the most valuable thing you have and the more you waste because of mistakes you should have known better than will ruin you. Play chess with your life and make sure you come out on top.