Lying To Yourself


One thing I have come to understand is that people will convince themselves of anything. No matter how crazy it is or how illogical, if they have an emotional reasoning then they will force themselves to believe. What is crazy about life is that this mentality can spread to others and catch on to the point that everyone convinces themselves to live the lie. Keep in mind they still know it is a lie but the power is in how people pretend and allow it to happen. The truth isn’t difficult to find if you seek it but instead people look for what caters to their beliefs leading to misconceptions.


There are so many things in this life that people believe in that make no logical sense. Look at these white supremacists who cling to the “superiority of the white race”. That makes no sense on many levels starting with “superiority”. How? Not education as they are consistently outperformed. Financially?  Nah, sure america’s wealth is massive but that goes to the top 1%. The vast majority of this “white race” are dirt poor in middle america. Lets look deeper into the so called “white race”, race was never a thing until america. Before that it was nationality and white supremacy was mainly the german blond hair and blue eyes individuals. Nationalities like the irish, italian, etc. weren’t included in this “whiteness”. Everything about white supremacy makes no sense but these people create their own logic and pass it as fact to those who are seeking such an identity.


This is constantly seen in Hip Hop where garbage emcees convince themselves that they are good. All too often these people will draw comparison to weak commercial acts to justify their skill level as they are pushing for notoriety. Instead of seeking the truth about talent and music quality they bend percieved knowledge to justify their beliefs. It isn’t difficult to compare your music to legends to determine if you are of the skill level but that is never the direction people take. They rather take the Kanye approach and lie to themselves hoping the world would buy it and sadly there has been times where people have. See people look towards fame and money as motivations therefore opening the door for people to become popular based on lying. Sometimes if you lie to yourself enough that can become your reality until the house of cards collapses.


The moral to this story is to never underestimate how people will commit to lies. In some cases these lies end up becoming reality because people had the ability to push the narrative. When you seeking justification for your own agenda then you aren’t seeking the truth. People will get so self absorbed with such that they will lose touch with reality. As an individual you goal is to seek the truth even if it is harsh because at least you can grow to become better.