Lyrical Gangster Rap

One thing that kills me is how most of these dope boy or trap style rappers believe it is acceptable to not be lyrical. Truthfully they are just taking the easy way out due to laziness hoping it can lead to a career. Yes a ton of these types of artists have found a way but this doesn’t mean you as the individual are given the excuse to not develop your talents at something you are supposed to love. As many rappers out here who aren’t lyrical there are many that are and people need to quite being lazy in order to become such an artist.

Rapper love to point at Soulja Boy, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, etc as an excuse to not work on their lyrics. Their argument is if they can get on with the pure garbage they create then what they are doing is acceptable. My question is since when do you do what is acceptable for something that is your passion? Just because the commercial industries standards are very low doesn’t mean yours have to be. As an artist you must be passionate about your work enough that you will do it no matter what and improve where ever you can. If you want the ending goal more than the simple urge to make classic music then you are in the wrong industry.

As much as people want to throw commercial artists under the bus they neglect to speak about those who are very skillful. Take an artist like Freddie Gibbs who has been reinventing Gangster Rap, he is very lyrical on a level many could only dream to reach. Freddie Gibbs is one of many exemptions we can point to but rappers tend to throw shade because they don’t want to put in the work to become such. Sadly people only wish to do the bare ass minimum for what they claim to be their passion.

The moral to this story is if you aren’t pushing to be the best then there is no point in chasing rap. Just because there are a ton of rappers with buzzes that create crap music doesn’t mean its okay for you to do it. Always compare yourself to the best and try to outdo them instead to trying to fit into an already overcapacity and terrible industry. Mold your own path and strive for greatness, there is no excuse for you to write lyrics but not be lyrical. It doesn’t matter your style, the better your lyrics the better songs you will create.