An important thing you will need to learn in life is maintance. Everything in this life deteriorates overtime. From your car to your clothes, the wear and tear of day to day life will ruin the most well put together item. With that in mind it is important to put forth an effort to insure what ever your prize possession is can last. This could mean cleaning or practicing to keep yourself sharp. Without any form of maintance things fall apart sooner than what they could have. Properly maintaining something doesn’t insure its forever but it will last longer than projected.


It doesn’t take much for things to fall apart. Honestly many things are built not to last so that you will have to buy another one. When you make no attempt to keep something working then the daily stress of life will ruin it. For example if you don’t maintain your car simple things like weather will peal the paint. Not getting oil changes will cut the life of your car for years. If you don’t simply clean it out random things that you attained over time will clutter the interior. Nothing is forever as time is the greatest killer of anything you desire. This is why you must put in some kind of effort to keep things working for as long as possible.


This concept applies to your abilities including rapping. How many rappers have you known that were once very talented but quit. Once that individual come back to the game they are never the same. It is as if they lost their abilities but the truth is they haven’t maintained the skills they built over years. They took it for granted that they were talented assuming they could turn it off and on when ever they want but that isnt how the game is played. You can lose your skills by simply ignoring and growing them. In this life either you are moving forward or falling behind, there is no standing still. So if you aren’t grinding and maintaining your rap skills then you are falling off.


The moral to this story is that everything will eventually fall apart so it is important to put forth the effort to prolong it as much as possible. Maintaining your skills by using them often and striving to improve is a struggle you will live with until the moment you are done with music, whether you know it or not. Keep focused and pushing forward or lose it all, these are your options.