Make Up Your Mind


One thing I have come to understand is that very few people are actually decisive and want someone else to make their mind up for them. We see this with many examples, fans of music are only fans when an individual becomes famous before hand. They never think for themselves instead they feed off the hype of someone that built notoriety. Many rappers need a record label or a co sign to get an feeling that they are actually artists. Sadly people in general fear seeing an opportunity and taking it for better or worse. They second think everything and end up never doing anything. This is the people we deal with today and you must know what you want and take it.


There are an infinite amount of options that you can choose to take with your life. Most of them will lead to failure but if you don’t choose one out of fear then you will reach failure without even attempting. The more you hesistate the more likely you will never get anything at all. I have seen rappers who spent their entire career watching others rise and fall claiming that they are learning from others. Yet by sitting on the sideline spectating they cost themselves the time for potential success. You will have to make a choice and run with it for better or worse. It is important to make the most informed decision you can but there comes a point where you will have to make a move.

Recently I watched the Defient Ones documentary of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. The thing that stands out the most about Jimmy Iovine is his ability to persuade people to give him what he wants. He was able to get 9 Inch Nails from a label when they were successful. He was able to get Dr. Dre out from under Jerry Heller while Death Row was still on top. He was able to get back full control of Interscope when it had the hottest acts in the world. His gift was being persistent and wearing people down who weren’t decisive about what they wanted. It is a key advantage to know what you want to do because you can weaponize it against people who are just existing.


The moral to this story is that the prepared mind with a plan has the advantage. Keep in mind that no well laid plan ever works therefore you must be decisive about everything as it comes in real time. When you aren’t able to determine what you want then you aren’t making moves, you are merely in the way waiting on someone to tell you what to do. In the end you need to rely on yourself and your gut because that is really all you got. Right or wrong you have to stand by such or else you will be wrong regardless. It is play or be played.