Meek Mill Will Hold This L Forever

In a mainstream rap battle, taking a loss has become more and more embarrassing as time has gone on. Go back to 2001 the battle between Jay-Z and Nas, Jay-Z took a big loss there and it still reigns in Hip Hop history as one of the most notorious battles ever. Still Jay-Z rebounded. Just a few years later in 2003 50 Cent’s victory over Ja Rule represented best by Back Down, that still stings Ja Rule to this day. Honestly Ja Rule is more known for being dismantled than the very successful career he had. Yet those days are nothing like today where the internet connects the world. This loss by Meek Mill will not go away anytime soon.

Am I jumping the gun with this article? I severely doubt it because in order for Meek Mill to come back he needs to craft the greatest diss song ever and that is beyond his skill level. Maybe if he had both Gillie da Kid and Cassidy ghostwriting for him then he would have a chance but that is out of the question due to the direction he took plus the burning of bridges Meek has done. To be honest Meek Mill didn’t belong in this battle because he is limited lyrically. His highly anticipated diss track featured only one bar that was half decent, “Puff almost caught a domestic when he slapped that bitch”. That was it so Drake is up 3-0 with only releasing two tracks, Game Over.

Have you seen the memes? Of course you have and they aren’t slowing down. Its been over ten years since Ja Rule got crushed and he still hears about it constantly. Hell Meek Mill mentioned him in a negative light in his weak Wanna Know and now the same will happen to him for decades. When you take an L on this stage it doesn’t fade away, everyone looking to get attention will use you as a stepping stone and you will be mentioned in the canon of Hip Hop forever. With Hip Hop being the most streaming genre of music today, everyone has followed this battle. Meek would have to go into hiding to avoid the constant mockery that is coming and it will be more intense than ever because this is a world stage.

The moral to this story is be weary when you get into rap beef on the highest level, if you do make sure you either win or make it so close people will argue forever. Take a loss will haunt you for a very extended amount of time even after things are squashed between all parties involved. This is something Meek is learning right now and will experience longer than how long Ja Rule been the laughing stock of the industry.