One core mistake most people chasing success in the music industry commit is their motivation. All too often people watch the grammys, see the xxl freshman class, watch the music videos to see the jewelry to women, etc. If you were basing everything on that then I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to be a rapper but there is much more to it. The desire for money and success is key but those motivations are so far off for most of you that you would torture yourself in having that become your number one motivations. Instead your motivation must be perfecting your craft and ruling the day.

The glamorous lifestyle the music industry presents isn’t real. Everything about it can be broken down to its true purpose which isn’t that great. Look at these videos where they are high budgeted with all the jewels, women, cars, etc. First everything cost, especually the female models and it is all coming out of you. Not immediately but over the long term which keeps emcees broke. Yes you can have sex with these women but trust me when I tell you they see you as a financial transaction and many are deviously waiting for an opportunity for you to slip. The award shows are paid for to determine who wins. There is only a select few people who decides who will win acadamy awards and people know who they are. These people get lavish gifts and cash from everyone yet those who go the hardest usually win. Having all the luxary goods seems great until you realize it all comes out of your advance. Advance is the money labels pay you that you have to pay back with album sales. Albums these days are sold for $10 these days, just because you sold an album doesn’t mean you have put $10 to paying back your advance. Infact it is more likely to be less than $1 because you are lucky to 10% of your own album. This is how people go broke and remain broke.

If all of those things are your motivation to finding success then when you learn the truth you will not want it anymore. This is why it is important to be motivated by things that you know you absolutely want. When it comes to music, creating a legacy and dominating the industry is always a great motivation. This keeps you focused on positive things where the end results will bring you all the money and fame. It is the work, mastering your music, and mastering your business which should drive you everyday. Once you wake up the key is to win the day. You must put in the work, overcome all obsticles, and takes steps forward. From this point you will find enjoyment in the grind, yes the money and success will be a key factor in everything you do but once you put the work first you will know what to expect.

The moral to this story is to not be blinded by the jewels. Understand that nothing in this world is as great as this industry presents itself as. Therefore you shouldn’t make your core motivation to see the success that you see these commercial acts enjoy. Find enjoyment in your work, building your own business, building your knowledge, and living a life you set out to have. Those are things you will encounter no matter what you chase after. Your motivation is to be great not chasing after money and this will take you beyond those who have little ambition.