There are many motivations to keep you going down your path some are self building others are self destructive.  Honestly I believe that whatever keeps you striving to reach your goal is the hunger you need to hold on to.  Whatever continues to push you be it the competition, the dream, or revenge it will wear on you eventually.  Yet a self motivated individual can do great works of art or destruction.  If you harness the power of your motivation then the sky is the limit but it can also run you into the ground.

Many rappers are motivated by the teachers who tell them they aren’t shit, the fans who never give them a shot, or the women they could never get.  These motivations are based upon anger and can make you go harder every day.  Once you finally achieve success; it is your version of revenge.  I could only imagine how sweet it would be for people who get success and have the doubters return just to get played.  Yet anger burns you out eventually and it takes a long time to get in the game.  If you are a patient dude then this type of motivation can push you to beyond your hopes but if not you can literally lose it and fuck up your life.

Self building motivations typically give you less determination but set you up to being a better person.  In the end; the rap game isn’t everything, if you aren’t a mature and humble person with yours then once you slip up people will come for what you earned.  Examples of positive motivations are trying to be the best, for the love of the game, to lead people, etc.  If these things push you into being the best rapper or producer you can be then one way or another you will be ok in life.  The burning desire to get better for no other reason but to get better has made some of the best lyricists you will ever meet. 

You have to pick your poison; my motivation to begin with was to be as good as my brother.  Later in life as he gave up and I was knee deep in the game my motivation shifted to anger because people never gave me a shot.  I wanted revenge badly and still to this day it would be nice but I burned out on anger.  I forego all the wrongs done to me and opened a new slate because the stress killed me on the inside.  Today the work is my motivation; doing an article, song, review, reading, and listening to music everyday is what pushes me.  The grind never stops is my motto so I am happy to do the work and the more I can do the more determined to do it I am.

Moral to this story is you need something to drive you but beware some things can drive you to success others into the ground.