Multiple Drafts


It is important to write multiple drafts of what ever it is you decide to write. It can be a script all the way to the rhymes you lay down. The reason for this is because one draft ensure that you never see all the angles of what you are trying write. This is how key plot holes occur to subpar writting from people who are skilled enough to do better. Yes it takes much more time but is necessary in the process of creating quality works. All too often people do things in one take and the flawed material that is created haunts them for a while.

When you look at things like movie scripts of projects people deem as classic you would be shocked how many rewrites took place. Not only with the writers 2nd draft but once film studios to directors give you notes to improve. Sometimes rewrites happen while filming and even actors improv their own changes as things go. It is a huge process to create the best possible project and you must consider this. Most rappers simply write sixteen bars then record them without even re reading them once. This is how many potent lyricist are unable to drop hot punchlines consistently. Always keep in mind that you material is a production and it will take time for that production to be perfected.

Sadly time is usually a factor when it comes to creating. When you don’t have the time to create multiple drafts then its no coincidence that the product suffers. This is why second albums are hardly ever as good as the first. See the first albums usually are an artists pride project that they spend their youth trying to build. Their follow up is limited to a one year process where too often leads to lacking music. If you can’t make drafts of your album then go back to update to complete it then many aspects of it will be flawed but there is nothing you can do about it.

The moral to this story is to take your time and make the best product you can. Make multiple drafts and take the extra time to for things where the ends justify the means. Those who rush out product end up putting out lesser quality and become known for such. Sadly these days it has become popular for rappers and producers to claim they only spend very litttle time in their creation process. Don’t let these people interfere with how you create and realize the process makes you better. Connecting ideas, making concepts more thought out, delivering punchlines the best way possible, etc. are all the products of making multiple drafts.