Never Underrate Lyrical Content

Too often people under rate lyrical content when having strong lyrics can turn a bad song good. Rappers get too caught up in the formula that many others have used to see success which is simply having good beats and hooks. Understand that yes that does work but in this industry those who are considered the greatest to do it were strong lyrically. Also why not develop something to rap about if your going to be rapping anyway? Stop trying to cut corners on your way to success because when you do such you limit your options down the road when you will really need them.

I have often come across songs with terrible beats that I normally would hate but when a rapper flips it with excellent lyrics they become memorable. A great lyricist can save almost any track and can turn good songs into classics but sadly today’s rappers are going away from from lyrical substance. The reason is because there are many terrible artist making money without saying anything. Many figure if someone like Trinidad James were able to build a huge buzz and he isn’t very skillful then I don’t have to worry about lyrics. These people are so focused on the money to see the big picture that being a strong lyricist will take care of you in the long run.

When you first start rapping you must mold yourself into being a good rapper with hard work and dedication. We all begin terrible with no buzz and the actions we make are what decide our path. If your going to be making music doesn’t just make sense to develop yourself into the best rapper you can before trying to get the attention of the masses? It does but too many skip this step because others have skipped it and seen success in the industry. But their success can barely be seen five years after the fact let alone ten years and every young talent believes they are going to be alive for longer than ten years down the road.

The moral to this story is to take your time to develop your skills before you get the shine. You’re crippling yourself by not being patient enough to build a foundation of skills to rely on years down the line. Even if your fame dries up you can still ghostwrite or do scripts, the ability to create cleaver metaphors and punchlines can be used in many different ways. Having rap fame last but so long but the skills you built to bring you that fame will never go away as long as you maintain them. Don’t be so foolish to chase fame and ignore the things that really count.