No One Owes You


Whats funny is how people attempt to pretend like subscribing to you gives them some kind of power. Real talk I got all the love in the world for my subscribers but a few go overboard. Just because I talk to you and value your input doesn’t mean I owe you anything. The cliche “customers always right” doesn’t apply here and I got no issue with blocking people who attempt to abuse this relationship I built based on my hardwork. It is always the people who have adblock, who wouldn’t lift a finger to help, that want to complain the most about content. In the end I could careless about people who really do nothing to help my path and simply watching a video places you in that catagory.

So recently a subscriber told me he was unsubscribing for what ever reason. He said he would come back if I changed something and that really made me laugh. This guy, who is a suspected white supremacist by many of his comments, is trying to leverage a subcribe. Whats funny is that he thinks there is value in that. The value in subscriptions comes when you watch or click on the ads that are played. And that value is only worthwhile when a mass audience is doing such therefore trying to make a threat is meaningless since you have no power. Guys like this think you owe them something and that they are Gods gift. Long ago I thought about blocking him because of his white supremacist views on social issues. Instead I decided to just delete such messages and I feel this was a mistake, I should have blocked him months ago but I chose to out debate him at every turn. I fixed that mistake by blocking him not long ago.

This is a symptom of people being spoiled brats. I go out of my way to take in criticism and try to establish relationships with my followers. Honestly I love to do it and I get along great with my down to earth subcribers. Yet those who want to make demands thinking they are doing something for me can ride out. I am not desperate for subscribers because I understand a lot of these people aren’t doing much to help. They want to complain about my requested reviews and not watch them but those people are the reason why I am still doing this today. These people want to complain about shows like On Blast not dropping but they didn’t donate to keep it consistent. Life is simple, if you don’t put in then you don’t get out.

The moral to this story is don’t take my kindness for weakness. I have been building my network with reviews for quite some time and it have been great time of my life. Yet because I share my life with you doesn’t mean I owe you anything. In the end I am going to do what is best for me and I got no issue with banning people that do nothing for me. Just because you subscribe doesn’t mean you are a partner in what I do. You would have to put in work and funds like I have done over the years. So miss me with idol threats of your subscription, I could careless.