Nothing Is Forever

Every year that pass the more you realize that nothing is forever. There has been multiple things that I have experienced in my life that I never believed would end or have never thought it were possible but this past year it has happened. One thing I have always said is that life continues to move forward with or without you. Nothing stands still and change is inevidible, if you are going along with it then you are falling behind getting stuck in your ways. When you are getting stuck in your ways then you lose out on potential growth resulting in the end of your path.

So this year I have been boycotting the nfl for their treatment of Colin Kaepernick. This boycott goes beyond the games on sunday but also to the sponsors of the nfl including espn. Espn has been on some nonsense for quite a while and the recent Jamille Hill incident proves it. Yet one thing that I have missed was The Blitz with Chris Berman, maybe my favorite program to watch on sundays to recap the games. I didn’t even realize until recently that this program has been cancelled, personally I never thought that would happen. Ultimately this was a wake up call that nothing is forever no matter how popular it is, change will eventually happen.


This is why I take the approach of being willing to change and adapt to where the music industry is going. I came into the game when selling mixtapes on the street was the means of success. Over time we have seen change from mixtapes becoming free, the digital revolution, to numerous changes in what popular music is. During that time I went from rapper to producer to engineer to blogger/critic. Each time I switched up the game the more success came and now I have over 3000 subscribers across social media platforms. I am not finished evolving because I know these platforms aren’t going to last. The key is to build what I can, learn more skills, and continue to climb while not getting too attached to anything.


The moral to this story is that eventually everything ends. It is important for you as an individual to be timeless. To be timeless you need to effortlessly adapt to what is popular all while creating a new lane for yourself. Something will catch as long as you learn from past mistakes and are relentless when it comes to pushing forward. Things will forever change and you need to be on top of it to find the success that people don’t realize is there.