Only Takes One Plan To Succeed


It only takes one opportunity for you to get the ball rolling to build something super successful. So no matter how many times you are denied don’t lose hope because you could lose a thousand times but that one victory will make it all worthwhile. The key is to continue to build and learn from mistakes as you go to prepare yourself for the next chance that comes your way. That way you are wiser than before and know how to play the hand you been delt much better. When you exploit an opportunity the right way then the world will be at your fingertips.


There are many examples of this, take for example seeking out women to be with. Yes most guys want as many women as we can get but the reality is having the right balance of beauty, attitude, and intelligence is to the utmost desired. You could be denied by a thousand women on social media and in the streets but if you get one then you it would be well worth it. In my lifetime I have been involved with a huge number of businesses. All in which fell apart, never caught on, or never happened. This was rather depressing until I got involved with a business called the Selfie Stop with my homie. Now this business is getting booked left and right, it is exactly what you envision when someone says “blow up”. Simply put it is the first I have ever experenced something like this but it was the one opportunity that worked.


When it comes to rap trust me when I tell you that there will be plenty opportunities that come your way. You will meet plenty individuals that are doing their own thing that you could be a part of. Plenty people will come and sell you a dream about how they are going to succeed but in the end of the day most people are dillusional about their music. The problem is when you deny all of these opportunities then you may miss out on the once in a lifetime chance. This is why it is key to gather an understanding of the things that all false opportunities have in common. Things like people being in need but don’t have anything coming in is a great start. You always want to see people in action not invest in the hopes a person can turn something around. Doing such will help you filter out the traps so you can find something real.


The moral to this story is in this world where you could do anything there will be a lot of failure. Failure is a tool you can use to find the correct opportunities to bring you success. All you need is one opportunity to go right and you can open doors that were once sealed shut. You can have everything you want based off one chance exploited the correct way. Every loss simply builds to that moment where everything happens to go right and prepares you for such.