When you get a record deal, don’t fall for the trap of when they give you “options”.  Options are ways you can get out of a contract if things aren’t going as you projected.  These are always a bad idea because they go both ways and most likely you will not be a tremendous success from scratch.  Many people are blinded because they have no doubts in their mind that they will succeed no thinking about how many careers have come to a screeching halt because of bad promotion.  Options are only in your favor when you prove to be a highly successful act and until then avoid this as much as possible.

Options are an easy way for record labels to get rid of you when they fuck up.  If there are no options then they must release your albums as they are contractually obligated to and unless they want to lose tons of cash they have no choice but to promote you.  Truth is unless you come into the game like Wiz Khalifa did with a massive fan base odds are truly against you to make a record that would sell 500,000 records in which as an artist if you go gold you are going bankrupt.  Yet by signing a deal without options you get more than one swing at the plate and you have a better chance to hit.

Don’t ever forget that many rappers released one album that didn’t sell and they disappeared forever because of these options.  Sadly it wasn’t the fault of a lot of these artists; it often fell on the shoulders of the record company.  Record companies have and always will fuck up promotion for artist and then cut ties with them basically fucking them in the long run.  Many hot artists who were forced by labels to release horrible music as a commercial single; this in fact brands them and when it doesn’t sell no other label will touch them and they are released due to options.  Where do they go from there?

Now once you are established then these options keep labels on their toes because you sell enough to go anywhere and be accepted with open arms.  That’s when you demand options in your contract besides then do your best to eliminate them.  Yet the moral to this is to read and understand everything you sign.  Options are just a small portion of a huge deal that you need to read books about what each portion means.  A deal is a huge contract that screws you out of any money that you earn in exchange for the fame they provide you.