Overcoming Rap Fears


One thing you need to do in order to find your success in life is to get over the fears you have. All too often I come across people who want to rap but fear public speaking. I have known people who want to be famous but fear what people will say about them. Most people claim they want to be wealthy but they fear taking losses in that pursuit. These fears are the things that prevent you from achieving because you are therefore applying limits to yourself that only exist in your mind. When you break free then you begin to realize the potential you have.


Fear is the thing that lets you know that you are alive. Without fear life becomes boring or you become too reckless. It ultimately keeps you in check emotionally making your succession from such actually mean something. Yet at the same time they limit your potential because it keeps you experimenting attempting to obtain more. Overcoming your fears are huge accomplishments no matter how small they seem to others and are neccessary to actually live a life. It is said that fear is taught to us as we grow older because as babies we have no fear of heights, people, etc. That has a certain amount of truth in it that we need to understand, don’t let this world scare you into living a normal existance.


To attain notoriety in things like the music industry there are certain things you have to get over. Fearing public speaking, bearing your soul for people to watch, recieving criticism, etc. are all common fears people have but all happen on a daily basis in entertainment. How can you get paid to do a show if you are afraid of speak to your fans? How can you make quality music if you are afraid to connect on an emotional level with your listeners? How can you get notoriety if you are afraid to put anything out because of potential criticism? Yet the best question to ask is what is the worst that can happen if you don’t give in to your fears? Most likely you will be embarrassed or lose funds but thats it. We lose money everyday but can always make it back and being embarrassed only lasts a limited time. Be willing to accept this if the best case scenero is to live out your dreams.


The moral to this story is if you want to truely live then you will need to overcome your fears holding you back. Fears aren’t necessarily bad because they keep up well grounded in reality and the point of overcoming them are important moments in your life. Keep in mind the worst that can happen when you attempt to overcome your fears, anything short of death it should be a no brainer to try. Fears will prevent you from growth and that is something you can’t have if you hope to accomplish something as huge as success in entertainment.