Passed Down Success


People love to assume that those who find success happen to be the best at what they do when that simply isn’t the case. In a lot of instances people’s success can be derived from the individuals who put them on. Why those individuals reached out to them can be any number of reasons. They could have seen potential, they could be somehow related, or that individual just needed someone dumb enough to give up everything they own. As much as people are going to claim an individual as a genius understand all of that is promotion to keep you interested, most of these successful people are just as disorganized as you.

Over some time people have told how much I should make a collaboration with the likes of Needledrop, Dead End Hip Hop, Luke James, and more. I never tell people such things but I have reached out hoping to be able to do such. For the most part I get no response but one instance I did get a response. I will not name the acts but as we spoke I noticed how far behind they were to my understanding of youtube. To the point I gave many pointers on how to get that money but these are people who’s channel are way bigger than mine. It honestly didn’t matter if they were doing things in a less profitable means it was more on how they got put on. Will a collaboration ever happen? I don’t know, but the insight was enlightening because it just goes to show success doesn’t come with know how.

When you look at many of these artist in the music industry people want to give them credit because they are in the music industry. Yet the days of that actually meaning something are long gone. There was a time where you only release a record after a lot of money was invested and you had the cosign of the entire label. These people everyone drops a record because it is cheap to do just to see how the people react. Many of these artists are only signed because the labels know they could promote anything and sell due to the business they monopolized. Therefore they focus on young acts who don’t know any better than to give away every dollar they earn. You would think after decades of this happening that people would wise up but no, it is common for people to not have their business in order and lose everything.

The moral to this story is to stop looking at the successful asthough they are god like. These people have the same issues that you will have and just because they have more success doesn’t mean they are better than you. In many cases they got lucky to meet someone looking to expand their brand. In a lot of instances mass success is something that is passed down not built from scratch. This is just the reality of life that you must fight through until you build your own or get lucky.