Here is one truth about life, the more you do something the more you either become bored of it or immune to its effects. You see this in every aspect of life from partying, relationships, to making music. This is why many people become unhappy with things that others would kill to have. Yet there is one exception, when you have found your true passion then you will coninue your pursuit of such forever. Sadly most people never find their passion, instead they settle for what ever comes their way as they become miserable in the long term of their existence.

When we are young we all want to be on the party scene because the way people claim it is a magical event. Yet when you do it enough times you will realize how boring it really is. The club is usually not as glamourous as it seems as well as the women you are going out of your way to impress. Speaking of women, sadly most guys feel as through women is the only reason to live. Yet when you have dealt with enough women and have to deal with their issues then you become jaded. Relationships can become stale really fast as people today don’t even put in effort for the most part. When you do music you could enjoy the creation process but eventually it will become the same thing over and over. This is one core reason for a lot of people giving up.

Think of it like being a smoker, the more you smoke the less you feel. This means you will either have to smoke more or get more potent weed to get the high you enjoy. Yet when you are passionate about something then things are different. Sure things become dull if you do the same thing over and over but your burning desire will force you into pushing yourself in different areas. For example, music can become boring if all you do is record but a passionate individual will learn all the aspects of it. How to engineer, how to produce, how to promote, finding your fan base, etc. a passionate person will learn all of these. If you really value your relationship then you will always attempt new things with your partner. You will go on trips, seek new experiences, etc and this will make your relationships last if both of you are onboard.

The moral to this story is that passion is what separates you from boredom and longevity. Anything you do consistently will wear on you no matter how much you like it. This is merely a fact of life which should help you find what you actually are passionate about. All too often people like something because of the benefits that can come from it more than the actual path. Once you find the thing you are passionate about it will mold you to being happy with your life as you will continue to find growth after years of being involved.