People Pleasing


One question I get consistently is what is it that I look for in good music. The people who usually ask this are people who are looking to customize music to my liking but that is a mistake. Sure as a human I do have my own preferences but the way I go about building my reviews is strategically places to counter such. Anyone who watches my daily reviews will notice that I have enjoyed all kinds of music no matter the genre. You shouldn’t attempt to people please ever because the only person who you can fully satisfy is yourself. Instead find an audience of people directly who will rock with you and make everyone else come around when you are notible enough.

This what I do when I am reviewing projects, I listen to them straight through multiple times to gather an understanding of my favorite songs. How I establish that isn’t based on lyricism or production even though those do factor in. It is merely how my body reacts to such. When listening to music you body will nod if the quality is dope without even thinking about it. After etablishing that I go back and breakdown why I like those songs and then read deeply into the meanings. On top of that I will go back and analyze why I didn’t like the other songs. So how can I explain to you that what naturally makes me nod is what I seek out of music I review? This is why the only person you can attempt to please is yourself and if you are good enough other people will join in.

Understand that when you go out of your way to make songs based on someones preferences you lose who you are. You begin to do music that you estimate people will enjoy and that isn’t the case for the most part. People aren’t computers where you need the minimal requirements to run any program so don’t treat them as such. I have a cousin that has the same upbringing and simular tastes in music but we argue all the time about what music is dope. Many songs I believe he would love from my best mixtape of the month series he ignores but other songs I would never have expected has resided with him. Therefore I don’t focus on music I think he would like, I seek out the best mixtapes period and he can like them or not.

The moral to this story is to never people please. When you attempt to do such you lose your own identity because you are seeking a cosign. Real talk if someone isn’t rocking with you then you can’t do much about it. You can only focus on your own grind, focus on getting better and building your own brand by going directly to potential fans. Success has a way of changing people’s mind better than your words could ever so that is what you must focus on. When you go out of your way to cater to an individual there is nothing that says what you create will even work but it is safe to say that project won’t be true to you.