Planning Ahead

One thing I never could understand is how so many people are just going through life without planning ahead. Instead of creating a plan for the future they go where the day takes them then wonder why they never go anywhere. There are too many options in life for you to go about it in that manner, without a a strategic plan to attain something specific then you will go through life never getting anything. If you are not planning ahead and taking steps towards your goals daily then you will end up somewhere you don’t want to go because life will decide for you.

I know people who wake up and the only thing on their mind is finding a way to get money. With such a broad topic there is no telling where they end up. For example an uncle of mines has no idea what he wants to do now he is opening a car lot, before that had vending machines, and before that he worked construction. Notice how none of these are connected, the only thing they have in common is a pay check. There is no passion anywhere for these things so it doesn’t surprise me as he jumps from one thing to another without a great deal of success.

One thing I learned in my life is it is best to have everything you desire to do be connected. It is like the jobs get, once you go into a certain industry and gain experience then it becomes easier for you to get associated jobs. If you start over in a different industry then it is more difficult because you are behind so many others. Basically if your passion is music then you should do promotions, the business end, and the music end because it is all connected. Create a strategic plan to learn it all so you can do for it for yourself instead of jumping to random jobs gaining nothing.

The moral to this story is if you aren’t paving your way with strategic thinking then you will not accomplish anything. Understand success isn’t something that comes overnight and in an stroke of luck, it is something you build. How can you build something worthwhile without the proper blueprints? Everything you do should be building up towards the ultimate goal of success in your given desires. Money comes along with that so don’t stress that so much and accomplish something in your life.