Polishing Your Craft


One thing that most people don’t understand is polishing your craft. It isn’t difficult to create something in the art field. Yet the thing that seperates the amateurs from the professionals is taking the time to polish your finishing product. This means to take the extra time to add details, tie together all loose ends, ensuring that the final product is the best that could have been done at this particular time. In many cases the polishing process takes longer than the creation process and it is completely worthwhile when done right. Therefore it is important to take your time for anything you release, trust me it will matter in the end of the day.


Polishing your final product is sadly one of the most skipped phases in all entertainment. This is when you create something and then go over it to fix any mistakes or improve aspects that you see fit. Keep in mind this process can add days to years on your final product but it makes your quality ten times better. Think of it like this, when you create a song in many cases it is on the spot. Many people can make solid songs in minimal time but imagine if they spent a week on one song. They could go back and ensure their flow and delivery is completely on point. Also they could make the best punchlines they could. This is why the most legendary movies has taken years in development, multiple scripts, and more. Taking the time to get things absolutely right is needed to create greatness.


When drawing an image if you try to do things with one pass then you are ultimately doing a variation of a stick figure. Now many people are really good at making a solid picture in one pass but those pictures will never be as good as someone of equal skill taking their time. Things like shading, blending, additional content, ect. is what separates the content of quality. Certain things only come with time and effort, these things are why you polish your products instead of moving to the next too quickly.

The moral to this story is to take the time polish your products. This way you can put out the best you have at one particular moment. People all too often are in a rush and ignore this step but the separation between these people and those who polish their craft is dramatic. Honestly lesser skilled people who polish their art make better art than those who are better but rush their product. Sadly in the rap game people pride themselves with their ability to do things in one take or rush out a mixtape monthly. Yet the reality is people prefer quality over quantity. Polish your products and get them right before you drop anything.