Poor Writing


One mistake that I constantly see in people’s writing is trying too hard to make characters connect. Usually I see this in television shows that are going downhill due to subpar writing. See the assumption is if you have so many character in your show then you have to bring them together for a season ending event. Due to this writers make poor writing decisions to get to the conclusion when this takes away from the impact that conclusion was supposed to make. There are many examples of great writing where this is completely avoided that people need to learn from. Just because you have all these characters doesn’t mean they have to constantly be connected.

So the lastest season of Gotham has just ended and this show was once good but now its terrible. Sadly the people still watching are too attached to it to see it and people didn’t really watch it when it was a solid show. The writers seem to be going through the motions here as if they either expect to be cancelled or they tried to stretch this plot beyond its value. They attempted to envolve every character in a dry plot and in order to get that they made sacrifices. Those sacrafices include obvious plot moving actions of characters that didn’t need to be involved. For those who watched it, Fish Mooney is Jada Pinkett Smith’s character. Why was she even there? Answer that and you understand what I mean in poor writing.

The symptoms of bad writing are obvious when you stategically look at well written shows. Look at Game of Thrones, a show that regularly leave all kinds of story lines unfullfilled and kills off main characters. It works because there are true consequences to actions and each individual has their own arc. As much as they would want to connect with other main characters, it may not be in the cards and that makes the people feel something. It makes the eventual resolutions worthwhile even if that particular character isn’t the one to bring it to be. Each character has their own finale, there is no forced event to tie them together until the main event that they have been building towards since the start of season one.

The moral to ths story is to not make the same writing mistakes that these television shows make. If you ever make televisions show, movies, comic strips, or even story rhymes you must keep this in mind. See writing is writing and it all applies to what ever segment you are writing for. Don’t create a poor show because you are building towards an event that ties things together unneccesarily. You must build those carefully in order to make those work or else they come off as forced.