Power of Music

I can personally relate to why rappers get addicted to creating music ignoring the other less glorious work necessary to gaining success. The feeling you get when you create your first hot song is a lot like your first hit of marijuana but much better because it lasts for days. From that point you are constantly chasing after creating better music that will give you the same feeling and unlike drugs you can achieve it. You lose yourself making music to satisfy the desires of the record labels to the popular culture or just chasing money and from there you lose the feeling music gives you.

When I made my first hot song I had to have listened to it twenty times that night. The raw excitement of hearing something I created being good kept me up really late. Even though no one outside the studio knew that I created something dope it was enough for me to know. That song motivated me to return to the studio constantly to create follow ups leading to an album. It never happened for me since I am my own biggest critic and fell out of love with all the music I created later down the road but I can understand how people get addicted to making music. Hearing yourself through your own radio and it being on the same quality as anything a major label releases is a powerful thing. It gives you hope that you can be the next one to shine and confidence in yourself.

Much like drugs the longer you do them the higher your tolerance, the longer you are in the game the better your music will need to be to impress you. This makes it difficult for many rappers to see longevity and making consistent classic works. Also many rappers waste away a career chasing after making music instead of building a fan base. What good is having a ton of music if you are the only one listening to it? The buzz music gives you blinds you from the fact that there is much more work to be done than just recording songs. There are more rappers out here that you could count doing the same shit so how can you stand out enough to have a career if no one knows who you are because all you do is record?

The moral to this story is to understand the power making music will have on you so you wont make the same mistakes as everyone else. Business and music successfully interacts in the middle where you make great music and promote it on an individual basis. Sadly too many try to be all business hardly any music or all music and no business at all leading to an unsuccessful campaigns. The power of music should energize you to consistently grind and give you the desire to build a fan base no matter how tedious that work would be.