Many people want to have power over others because it is a form of strength. Having power is being in full control of the people around you to accomplish the personal goals you created. There are only two ways to obtain power and it is to be given it and to take it. This world we live in is a very manipulative and shady so you must learn how to control and grow your power before someone takes it from you without you ever knowing.

A way you are given power is by gaining employment from an employer. No matter how much I hate A&R representatives they still hold all the keys to mainstream success and they treat artist shitty because of this. The more people call them begging for a chance the more powerful they are. This is why they can get away with not listening to demos because there are so many people sending them in they can pick and choose when to work. As Kanye said “one man is not meant to have all this power” and its true because once you do your ego can grow out of control.

I am most fond of taking power over being given it. Taking power is as simple as never giving yours up. To begin to acquire power first you should never put yourself in a needy position. That is much easier said than done but if you rather struggle on your own than beg for crumbs then you are headed down the right path. Have you ever wondered why rappers would record a song and instantly ask the engineer how he feels? This is not because he will change everything about it if he says so, he wants the engineer’s approval which in turn is taking power away from the engineer. Too often if the engineer doesn’t give up power to an artist the business relationship can strain but it is always good to keep your power no matter what.

Personally I don’t play the power game but I do take some of its lessons into account to not be taken advantage of. My websites are all off my strength to do as I desire and I don’t NEED anyone to maintain them, yet if the right deal came my way I would take it. There is a correlation between obtaining power and building a buzz so I suggest you learn at least the core concept.