Prince Shows Death Is A Business


Understand that when you die, odds are everything you were hoping to happen wont. The money you want to leave to individuals may be stolen by others who were crafty, the way you want to be honored will change, etc. Basically people don’t respect the dead here even as most people claim they do. Instead people use the memory of others to catapolt themselves as a come up regardless of the wishes of an individual. Yet there is a flip side to this coin, the powerful find ways to control people from beyond the grave. At the end of the day death is business and depending on your status is when you wished will be obeyed.

So last night was Super Bowl LII and Justin Timberlake did the halftime show. A lot of people don’t like Justin Timberlake claiming he is a culture vulture and not forgetting what he did to Janet Jackson. Now before the show happened there was leak that there would be a Prince hologram during the show to honor him. Sounds good until you realize Prince was specific about not wanting to be a hologram. Prince said specifically about holograms “Thats the most domonic thing imaginable”. On top of that Prince was not a fan of Justin so this exactly the kind of thing he didn’t want to happen but did. You would think people would do Prince’s wishes justice just based off love but not when there is a dollar to be made.

Another great example again comes from Prince. Remember Prince was the guy who changed his name to symbol and wrote slave on his face as he fought to be independent with his music. Before Prince’s death he was directly involved in Tidal which is a streaming service owned by artists that pay the most per stream. Yet after Prince died his estate seems to be fighting to sell his library to the labels Prince just got his masters back from. This is a great example of what you need to do if you want people to obey your wishes because love will have nothing to do with it. You will need to put all your money in trusts that can’t be touched without people doing certain actions or else they get nothing. Make it so the trust is self sustaining over the years and only then will your wishes be followed.

The moral to ths story is that death is nothing more than a business that people use to propel themselves. If you have the means and the guidence then you can attach your money to your instructions beyond the grave to insure people complete your wishes. Besides that extreme people are going to do what ever they want to no matter how loved you are. If anyones wishes should have been payed attention to it should have been Prince’s, so why will anyone do it for you?