Propaganda Against Black People


It is important for people to understand propaganda because we see it more consistency than you want to believe. Propaganda is defined as the spreading of ideas, information, to rumors for the purpose of helping, injuring an institution, a cause, or individual. This is social warfare that has been used against us for a very long time and has sabotaged almost every movement we have ever built. We can specifically point at quotes of people in power who specifically used propaganda to target and destroy us. And for years these propaganda campaigns have been successful because the masses simply don’t understand how this divides in order to dominate.


Ever ask yourself why marijuana is illegal? It wasn’t always and obviously the research explains it is harmless. Propaganda is the answer. It was 1930, The Federal Bureau of Narcotics used propaganda to demonize weed against mexicans because much like now there were masses of people against immigration. This led to 1937 the banning of the substance and mandatory sentencing. Fast forward to the 1970s Nixon begun the war on drugs with the same propaganda in mind. Even his aid once said in 1994 “we knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war OR BLACK, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin then criminalizing them both heavily. We could disrupt those communities….” Maybe the best example of how propaganda destroys because this definitely helped tear down the black panther party.

So how is propaganda being used today? Think about it, when ever someone gets on television to defend a black victim what is the first thing everyone says? What about black on black crime in Chicago? Don’t you think it is odd that every news outlet has the same talking points and this is always brought up to somehow discredit a victim of systematic white supremacy? It is said so much that black coons say it for these news outlets to deflect from the subject in mind which is usually an innocent individual being murdered. This propaganda is dangerous because it makes villianizes victims and empowers murderers as if they did something right. As a black person be ashamed for buying into this propaganda against your own people and not seeing the entire system is against you.


The moral to this story is to see that propaganda is a power tool used against us as a people. Understand that the media is complicit in the system of white supremacy and not just fox news. Stop believing in this liberal and conservative system when they both use propaganda in different ways against us as a people. When all you see are negative images of people then the masses will feel justified in the mistreatment of you. Even if it is proven to be false by knowledgeable people, popular views will always win out. You must be able to see propaganda for what it is and become an informed individual in anything you do. This will take away the power people have over you and with enough people on the same accord then the truth can finally spread.