Protecting Yourself


It is well past time for you to be prepared for the worst. Honestly the moment where we as a people should have got our affairs in order was when Trayvon was murdered and they let that bastard go. This country has gone into nazi territory with these white supremacists who infiltrated law enforcement to their regime who is in every level of government. You must be prepared for the worst and have an escape plan in place just in case if they actually act on their desires of racial extermination. Understand that these people aren’t playing games out here and too many of us are being murdered for you to be.

How bad must things become before you realize reality? How many videos of murders must come out that the police unions insure there is no actual prosecution? When you see that these people who get away with killing us become millionaires based on disgusting crowd sourcing you realize how many people support such actions in this country. As you see the prosecution drop the ball over and over for these people but as a people we get the book thrown at us consistency you realize how rigged this place is. Keep in mind there is no escape from white supremacy because it is a global system but you must be prepared on the individual level for when it comes knocking at your door.

This brings us to the question, how do you get prepared for this injustice that has been reigning in this world. First thing for black americans is to practice your second admendment and get your license for a firearm. I understand many of us don’t like guns but the time for that has passed, these people are coming for us killing children with toys on playgrounds claiming they had real guns. As that is motion you also need to get your passport for when you need to leave in a hurry. Yes the system of white supremacy is global but there are areas where it isn’t as intense. From what I hear Hawaii is a great place to start but as a people we need to begin to attain international connections. This way you can build financial backing and support from nations who also acknowledge the negatives of white supremacy. It is also time to invest your money in nothing but black businesses and donate towards the right progressive issues like a superpac for politicians to keep our best interests in mind for the next round of elections. Getting your mind on protecting and working with your brothers and sisters is probably the most important.

The moral to this story is to get yourself right. Keep in mind I am not just saying this, I am doing it as we speak. Today I finally took the class for my gun license and later this week I am going for my passport. As a people we need to stay out the way and build our foundation but be prepared for when your number is called. There is no promise of a tomorrow for any of us and you need to be wide awake for what ever comes your way.