Put Some Respek On It


By now we have all had a good laugh at the expense of Birdman. If you haven’t seen it, he went to the breakfast club for an interview with the intent on checking them. Birdman has always been a target of criticism by not only the breakfast club but you name the entity. How he went about it and how all the memes continue to come out is what makes this pure comedy. Yet this is a great moment to bring up the importance of having thick skin once you reach the industry. His frustration is what makes him a laughing stock right now and if the words the breakfast club got to him then the way the people are clowning has to as well. It is best to check that frustration because it is all part of the game.

Now I don’t blame Birdman for being frustrated by the asshole formally known as charlamagne, dj envy, and angela yee. They spread a lot of gossip and talk shit about people constantly claiming it being part of their job. In reality that is the shit they love to do and it is their right to do so. In the end they are as good for Birdman as they are bad because as much as they have and will drag his name they in essence keep him in the conversation of their audience. Much like the love-hate relationship hollywood stars have for paparazzi, as badly as they annoy them in the end their photos keep people talking about them. Ultimately the more they talk about him, he wins even if it isn’t done in a respectful manner.

Understand that Birdman is too big to jump on the breakfast club on camera. He is already having too many lawsuits for not paying anyone he owes and that could come with jail time. So his attempt at intimidation fell on deaf ears, now if he caught them slipping on the streets then it would be a different story. Still things should never go that far, you have to learn to pimp the game by thinking steps ahead. Nothing anyone says should get to you and if it does that what defamation of character lawsuits are all about. He should have simply did the interview and use them for promotion because that is all they are good for, all they will ever be. Instead he has created another “you ain’t got the answers sway” moment that will live on possibly forever.

The moral to this story is to not let criticism get to especially when you. You want to listen to key constructive criticism that can help you build but all else shouldn’t effect you at all. I have personally criticized a ton of people but I know my word won’t change anything, there is no reason for anyone to ever be upset with me. Recently someone was upset about constructive criticism I had for his mixtape. He went to my youtube channel and claimed I couldn’t make a video to get over 100 views. Yet that channel and my older one long passed the 1 million view mark so his child like rant looks that much more pathetic. Instead of accepting the criticism or simply ignoring it he made as ass out of himself for no reason much like Birdman did here.