Racism Isn’t Dying Off


So recently I had a conversation with my younger cousin about racism and it really showed me how young he is. Yet the main thing was how he believes that the only racist people out there are old and the best thing we can do is to wait until they die. This is flawed thinking on multiple levels, starting with the fact it simply isn’t true. Yes there is a natural decline happening in their population but to think there aren’t young racist is foolish. Secondly it is a fearful train of thought because you are too scared to fight for justice. Yet as much as I hit him with the facts, he’s too young to understand.


Lets start from the beginning, not all racists are old. They obviously were taught racism at one point of their lives and can teach that same thought process to others. Honestly with the internet people spread white supremacy easier and there was a massive spike as result of Obama being elected. Lets look at some young people who spew racism right now. Off top of my mind there is Tomi Lahren who been talking reckless about black people and was only fired when she stood for women rights. Then there is Philip Defranco who has numerous videos exposing him as a white supremacist. Lets not forget the “alt right to alt light”, both of these organizations have been designated as hate groups by the Anti Defamation League. Also look no further than how half of this country could vote for trump. These are examples of how this idealogy is going no where, you can’t wait out people younger than you.


The entire arguement of all we have to do is wait is the weak mans way out. This means you don’t have to fight for justice, it will eventually fall in your lap. Sadly I see this in the majority of people I know. When you see someone stand up for justice like Colin Kaepernick and get blackballed, too many people won’t even give up watching football. Freedom, Justice, Equality, etc are things you must fight for and be prepared to die for to achieve. We as a people have way too many dead leaders to not realize this fact. If you think the solution to seeing black people murdered and no justice being served is to do nothing then you are lost.


The moral to this story is to stop believing that racism is going to die out. It is a lot like how people once believed that once interracial sex became a thing that racism would die. Yet the reality is that most “interracial” people who are light enough to pass for white will claim white. The mentality of white supremacists have endured all these years and has proven to adapt with the times. You will have to combat this or be subjugated by it. And when you make no choice, you choose to be subjugated. Stop lying to yourself, you full damn well know that you are scared.