Rage Quit

Have you ever played an online video game and ran into a rage quitter?  These people get so frustrated with their losses that they lose control and proceed to do all kinds of childish things.  They will send you voice messages on the XBOX 360 cursing you out, obscene text messages, or even quit the game as soon as they erupt by disconnecting their system from the internet to insure you don’t get the victory.  It is truly funny how childish these people are but they have a lot in common with many rappers who think they are serious about creating a rap career.

I enjoy watching competitive gaming because it is very similar to watching sports on television on how exciting battles between the top players in the world are.  These top players often do things seasoned players never thought were possible and when greatness occur the hype of the scenario exhilarates everyone watching.  Yet of all the top players in the world I have yet to see someone rage quit.  These top players often will shake your hand, smile, ask how you did that, and often create a rivalry with you but be respectful most of the time.  This helped me realize that those who are assholes when they lose will never be as good as those are humble and try to get better.

Many rappers love to bitch about how the city they reside in shows no love to the independent music scene.  This is true for damn near every city in the United States but if you let your anger of this to blind you into a rage quit then you were never serious anyway.  You are the type to get mad at the engineer while in the booth when you can’t get your verse right.  Then you get mad at the people who didn’t instantly accept your music or critique you to help you get better.  Yet there are plenty who succeed through all of the bullshit because they remain focused and work hard to become the best they can be.

The moral to this story is the road is tough and if you let it get to you then you are limiting your potential.  Plenty people who grind hard are able to put themselves in good positions because they are mature enough to deal with the negatives.  If you are not mature enough to understand that not every time you can win, you are not the best you could be, and that anything of substance can’t be given then you are in for a longer tougher road than you think.