Rap Buzz

A buzz is a tricky thing. How do you get a group of people to all enjoy your products at the same time enough to build a successful career? Somehow you must attain an emotional attachment and from their what you created will have a mind of its own with a snowball effect to the point the masses will know who you are. Today we are going to look at how this actually happens in many cases because how rare this seems it happens more often than you think. It is the balance of fulfilling a need, proper promotion, and the people talking about. From there the sky is the limit for what you are trying to do.

A great example of how building a buzz works is looking at twitter hashtags. Understand one thing about people, we love to talk and gossip. When something gets the attention of a huge number of people be it for better or worse people will add their two cents on it. The more people who do such the more likely that hashtag will begin to trend. These trending topics change in real time but many reach in the hundreds of thousands of tweets. Now how do many of these start? In many cases something notible happens that people want to chime in on but there are times where phases happen to go viral. Things like #RuinAMovieIn5Words will go viral as it is just random people seeing it having fun. It is more of a random occurance. Did it start with Tastemakers who tell people what to like? Was it a paid promotion? No, it just naturally took off on its own for reasons no one can explain.


When looking at rap some emcees make you scratch your head in amazement that their music is going viral. Many of these people obviously aren’t polished acts nor are they promotional masterminds but somehow their music hits the tops of charts. Now I will argue that many of these people are secretly backed by labels but there is no way to actually confirm this and there is the chance that they simply caught lightening in a bottle. Still we should focus on those who are skillful and grew their audiences. In many cases if they can connect on an emotional level with a fan then that fan will find themselves obligated to put another person on to their music. That can grow into a massive grassroots following. In other cases tastemakers with built in fanbases will give someone an opportunity and from there their stardom skyrockets. Places like The Breakfast Club to Sway in The Morning are places who have created viral videos and open the doors for people to build an audience. There is also a financial push where you can throw advertisements on popular programming. Variations of all these are how many buzzes take off.


The moral to this story is to understand a buzz if you are seeking one. A buzz can be bult for any number of reasons and it is not always a positive thing. There are many tools people have used to reach a sustainable level with notoriety. Those are money, word of mouth, and tastemakers. Sure you can throw technology in there but that is an extenstion of word of mouth because in the end social media is simply people communicating but digitally. You never can really point at specifics but people love to try. Sometimes people hit the lotto, some had a well laid plan, and others are an extention of other people’s strength.