Rap Is “What Have You Done Lately”


Here is a rough fact of life that people attempt to ignore but if you accept it then it strengthens you. It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, today you still have to prove yourself. You could have the greatest day of your life which led to money and fame but you can’t live off that day for the rest of time. The moment where you become reminiscent over pursuing the next level is a slippery slope because it borders being full off your success. When that happens you will over look failures and become sloppy. Everyday you have to come to play pushing for success or else you will lose.

So not long ago my homie threw a party which hit the highest levels that charlotte has ever seen without a known act or major promotion from radio. A thousand people came out for this block party as videos from this have gone viral on their own. Rightfully so my homie was feeling himself because he did something that no individual has done in Charlotte. Yet that was friday, saturday we had another party out in Durham that we traveled hours to get to. This party flopped hard, about 25 people total and I could make all the excuses in the world but in the end the reality is he didn’t go as hard for this party as he needed to. Honestly he doesn’t care because the block party that that successful. Yet this was a great example that one day you could be the king but the next you flop because you didn’t come to play.


This same mentality must be taken for emcees because all too often we see people who come out with one commercial hit but never return to the spotlight. Some will say the record labels didn’t promote them and others will never admit to never doing anything more. You could make all the excuses in the world for these one hit wonders but in the end of the day they faded away and attempt to live off the one hit they had. I believe Joe Budden said it best about when he first dropped pump it up, he was overwelmed with the success that he recieved that he didn’t focus on the next. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe when you have done something of substance that you can throw yourself a victory lap but you can’t take you eyes off the grind which will be there everyday.

The moral to this story is that everyday you must come to play. Look back to when the Golden State Warriors were undefeated for a long portion of the season. That team set the record for most games won in a season and everyone wanted to crown them the champs once the playoffs came. They ended up losing in the finals to a more hungry Lebron James. As everyone expected them to win they still had to prove themselves and they came up short. Everyday you must prove yourself because no one is going to give you anything. Just because yesterday was dope doesn’t mean today will be the same. You must learn to love the work more the rewards because that way you will always do the maximum every time.