Rap vs. NBA

I often hear that the odds of making it into the NBA are far worse than becoming a successful rapper but I plead to differ.  If you look solely on the numbers there is only a certain amount of players that can make the NBA while rap seams limitless but you shouldn’t focus on that aspect.  The difference between these two games is one is based on skill while the other has to deal with multiple variants and one of them is luck.

For some people like Diggy Simmons the game was destiny because they were born with connections but I am not talking about them.  I am talking about you, the typical rapper with no connections or money trying to achieve a dream.  It is more difficult for you to be in rap than it is for someone with hoop dreams hands down.

There is a formula for success when it comes to the NBA.  You must play AAU, High School, and practice every day all day.  If you go hard enough you will gain skills that everyone can see and can’t deny.  If you show out on a basketball court no one can take that away from you; it is a fact that you are talented.  From that point you can go to college on a scholarship just to play basketball, have sex with girls, and have them do your homework.  Have one good year and declare to the draft; if you worked harder than everyone in your draft class one team will select you and you have a chance to work your way up.  Yes there are many alternatives in this equation that depends on how you want to play it but this formula has been a proven winner for years.

The Rap game is far from having any kind of formula because it’s based on opinion; the whole dream that you record a mixtape, everyone will love it, and you sell it out your trunk is a damn lie.  First off everyone’s taste in music is different; one man’s classic is another man’s trash. Truth is as a rapper you are pushing against a wall blindly looking for an entrance.  If someone finds one then as they get in that way is sealed up immediately as soon as the millions of rappers notice that it worked.  For instance Soulja Boy came up off Youtube after him many rappers flooded the internet trying to repeat the process but it doesn’t work like that anymore.  You must be innovative and a head of your time or lucky as fuck to create a future in the rap game.

Do you understand what I am saying here?  Would you rather have Mapquest directions to get you where you need to go or would you rather wonder endlessly until you find your destination.  I would much rather have a set plan to follow so if I don’t make it I know exactly what went wrong instead of never knowing why.  Rap is a game where you make up the rules but most of your rules will prove to be flawed by experience.  Rap is much harder!