Rappers Are Businesses


The day and age where a rapper could do nothing more than rap has been gone for a long time but sadly I still come across people who think they can do such. People who have no success but claiming to need a manager, publicist, etc. are those who don’t understand this concept yet. Understand those people are only in place to save time when you are already making money. Therefore you need to be all of these things while you have nothing in order to build yourself up. Yes it helps to have a childhood friend who believes in you enough to help with these duties but not only must you rap but you also must be a well rounded business man in this musical landscape.

There was once a time where artist were just that. Artist wouldn’t write their own music because there were writers for that, this still exists to this day. Those acts focused only only recording the songs, learning the dance steps, and touring. Yet every act who followed this blueprint learned the hard way that by not involving themselves in the business meant they earned no money. Examples of such would be seeing how New Edition could tour the world and then get dropped off in the projects with a less than $2 check for them all. This is why it is important for you to learn the game and do as much of the business that you can because you will never rob yourself.

As a rapper your duties are to make the music and perform to get the money. Now you can get a ghostwriter but that isn’t mandatory. Yet as a businessman it is important for you to market your music to give yourself the best chance at building a paying audience. Next you need to book and ensure that you are paid your money, this is what a manager does but is that so difficult for you to do? From this point you can create additional products to sell like T Shirts, use social media to raise funds like Patrone, etc. Everything is simple, you just have to take the initiative to learn it and master it for your path. Honestly by avoiding these things you are being lazy and don’t want to succeed. You only get help when you have too much going on not because you don’t want to do it.

The moral to this story is that you must be more than a musician in this music industry. Being a businessman that knows how to market as well as sell will take you beyond most. Learning to book yourself and demand your payment as well as manage your way into new opportunities will help you earn enough consistently to make a living. These concepts aren’t difficult to grasp the issue really becomes reaching out to people and connecting yourself. That is easier said than done but it is possible and has been done for as long as people have been making money off music. You need to put all of these on your shoulders until it becomes more profitable to pay others for such because you established yourself.