Rappers dating Strippers

I will never understand this concept.  Even if I met a stripper with the perfect body, best personality, that’s in love with me; we could never be dating.  That profession is built from constant sexual contact.  Secondly they don’t get paid anywhere near what they say, street hookers shit on your best strippers.  Why would anyone with any kind of celebrity decide I want a stripper?

It seems as though every other week a new article on www.MediaTakeOut.com shows a stripper that has hooked up with Drake, Lil. Wayne, and various athletes.  These guys could have any decent girl in the world but instead they choose someone on the very bottom of the sex industry.  That’s the equivalent to R. Kelly being able to have any woman in the world but rather have children.  I understand human nature is to want what you can’t have and strippers are the biggest teases in the world.  But that is no excuse.

Why can’t more rappers have the common sense of Ludacris?  Luda has a certified dime that was in medical school.  Recently she dropped out for reasons unclear which does lower her stock but she’s still bad.  My grandfather once said birds of a feather flock together, and you never see an eagle fly with pigeons.  That means you are who you surround yourself with.  That’s why I try to surround myself with people who are doing better than me so I will step my game up. 

Anyone desiring to date a stripper is aspiring for ten times more drama than with any normal girl.  First of all they all have deep seeded emotional issues that you can’t resolve.  Secondly you can have all the money in the world but you can’t save a hoe.  You can only become a trick, and in the end all tricks realize they blew all their money on nothing.  Lastly they are not divas or entrepreneurs; they are so lazy and uncreative that they sell their bodies for well less than it’s worth.

You rappers need to step it up and quit bullshiting your life away. Honestly I shouldn’t say shit because it would mean more dimes for me.  So keep it up, keep fucking with those women that is going to get you caught up and don’t have anything but ass to bring to the table.