Rapping about Rapping

A mistake many young rappers commit is rapping about rapping. This typically happens when the artist has yet to live any kind of life and that’s all they know or they are mistaken that it’s a good move to make. Art imitates life but when you are rapping about rapping then art would be imitating art; do see the issue here? There would be no substance and you would be targeting rappers to buy your music when they already have music they are trying to sell. You never see jewelers sell jewels to fellow jewelers do you? If they do they are whole sellers who sell for cheap but in bulk, trying to sell records to your competition makes no sense.

Rapping about rapping is an excusable offense if you are a young rapper without guidance. This is because you have hopefully yet to be shitted on by life. Yet when life smacks you around it always will have an effect on your music and give you topics of substance to rap about. The point of view of pain is where the best music has been created in the hip hop culture and you can’t rap about it until you lived it. This is why young rappers should always pay attention to the more experienced rappers to level up.

Today there are more rappers than ever and it seems to be a smart idea to target these people for sales. Yet business doesn’t work like that; your competitors usually don’t buy your products. If they do then usually their intent is to steal what makes it different. On the underground level it seems to be more rappers than there are fans but these rappers will buy or download a major label’s artist quickly. It’s tough to find fans on this level but there are tons that support the underground scene and you need to get off your ass and find them.

The moral to this story is to have something of substance to rap about. It makes no sense logically or business wise to rap about rapping. Also more experienced rappers should somewhat mentor young rappers to help them find their path sooner than later but I know the selfish nature of people, which will never happen. Once you realize how tough life is then it should mold you into a rapper that the people can relate to and the music you create should become deeper than recording in a studio and people doubting if you will make it.