Researching The Game

I can’t express to you the importance of research. This is something that you need to do in every aspect of life. How can you play any game if you don’t know the rules or the strategy others are using? Sadly people prefer the lazy route of taking the advice of others or the first idea that comes into their mind. That is how people make critical mistakes that ruin opportunities and cost you the time you need to find your own success. Taking the initiative to learn everything will pay off immediately because the spoils of war come to the prepared mind.


Please believe me when I tell you I research everything in my life. Recently I bought a new camera and microphone for my grind. The options are unlimited but once you establish a budget then you can begin to find the right tools for you. First thing I did was seek out what kind of microphone I wanted. This led me down a rabbit hole of many different types of microphone. I watched a bunch of testing videos where they took all of these microphones and used them so the viewers can tell the difference. I seen the standard blogging mics and learned their flaws. From that point I was able to select the sound I wanted. After that I had a budget and a format for my camera. Obviously I needed a camera that would work with my new microphone at the price range I set. This eliminated DSLR cameras because my microphone requires a headphone jack. After seeing the options I had I believe I made the right choice but this is all off the strength of researching with my needs.


My researching habit isn’t just for business but also personal. Since I am out and about meeting women I always research the women that I potentially can deal with. I do this for many reasons, first I can’t deal with a woman who is known in my circles. Usually that means she was getting ran through and I will be clowned for such. Therefore I ask the homies so I know what I am stepping into before anything. Also a friend built a profile for me on tinder. We all know there are mny trolls and catfish on that site but you could avoid that if you did research. Everyone has an instagram and some kind of digital footprint. This way I have seen the truth as people post images that obviously aren’t them in an attempt to trap someone. These things aren’t that hard to find if you just know where to search.


The moral to this story is that taking the time to research will make so many things much easier in your life. Sadly people prefer to go into everything blind hoping that things will go right. Research will prepare you for everything that comes your way and protect you from the things you dont want. Understand that people lie all the time and when you deal with them then you can subjected to it. Reseaching situations and people will prepare you to make the right choices.