Right Side Of History

One thing that worries me is how fearful we are as a people to stand on the right side of history. Sadly there are too many black people who are content with how life is going because overt racism and discrimination hasn’t hit them with a wake up call yet. This is how many could watch these nazi marches and watch black people be killed yet do nothing about it. Historically this isn’t a new thing because back during the Martin Luther King marches there were plenty black people not marching due to the “good job at the plant” or what ever excuse they could think of since they were scared.

When people look back we want to be those to the forefront fighting against this nazi regime of white supremacists who attained power. You should have known of their existence for quite some time because of the internet is crawling with them. People write their hatred off as being trolls but obviously there are millions of them with the same train of thought if they were able to vote in trump. Once trump got in office they have been emboldened to move from stormfront and 4chan to making armed marches. The systematic racism of these people is deep within the fabric of america as law enforcement has been infiltrated. This point in american history was enevitable because these white supremacists has always been part of america. There views simply didn’t disappear after world war 2, the civil war, the civil rights movement, etc. Yet they have updated their methods in time as they positioned themselves in the government due to the white privilage they were allowed to all but overthrow what little justice there is.

It is very important for black people to stand against this nazi ragime because in the end justice will reign supreme. See white supremacy is on the ropes and it should be those effected the most by it to give it the finishing blow. There is logic behind why these people are so bold right now and it is desperation. When you realize that their population is in a natural decline, there is a heroine epidemic happening, there are diseases spawning up that only effects their communities, etc. This is why they call interracial relationships “white genocide” because they are dying off. Those who stand against them will forever be immortalized, people like Colin Kaepernick. Even as he is feeling the brunt of white supremacy he has awakened people to how sports are run like slave plantations by racists. In the end his stance will be remembered in all of history like Martin Luther King Jr’s marches or Muhammad Ali’s stance against the draft. It is never easy to be on the right side of history because how opressed we are but stop taking the weak route.


The moral to this story is that this war we are experiencing isn’t something new. It has been coming for a very long time since white supremacists have silently been accumulating power in america. Understand the importance of being to the forefront against this oppression because these cowards will never win. Their entire history as rebels and nazis are consistent with them being losers. Every so often they gain enough power to be bold enough to step into the light and those who stomp them out are heroes forever. Men like Colin Kaepernick will be remembered forever for taking a stance and there needs to be more.