Right Tools


You could have all the money in the world and golden opportunities, it will all be for nothing if you don’t have the right tools for the job. It is like attempting to screw in something but not having a screwdriver or screws. Yes you may have the will to do it but you won’t be able to simply use your hands. First thing you need to recognize is what the job requires for it to be a success. You can tell this by seeing how other versions were successful. Secondly aquire the tools for the job, without them you will be lost. Next devise a plan and execute it, this is how you make something happen.


A key phrase to remember is “tools which are required” for the job to be a success. All too often people want to pay their way to success thinking if they buy the top of the line equipment. Yet we see it all too often that isn’t needed for the musical grind. We have seen acts like XXXtentacion get shine when his music sounds like he is recording next to highway traffic. As much as people want to claim having high quality equipment are the proper tools it has been proven to be a luxury not a requirement. Yes it is nice to have such and better to learn it so  you can bring in money but at its core these devices don’t bring success.


The tools for success begin with your grind, desire, planning, and creativity. You can use what ever you have to find a means to record music but what you are going to do with the music is the question. If your answer is “put it out there” then you miss the entire point. Hundreds of new singles and mixtapes are released online everyday on various websites pointlessly. When you have nothing that makes it stand out then you are simply adding to the heap of projects few people actually care for. You have to push your project and it really helps if you are doing something unique that can’t be done else where. Having a burning desire for success will help you survive during the years where you are building and the flawed plans you create. There will come a day where all your bad plans will create a good one that you execute getting you to the target. Keep in mind these are just the foundation, as time goes on these will splinter into more tools but at its core if you have these then you will find a way.


The moral to this story is that the tools to being a success are in you. As much as people will claim that you aren’t ready based on your quality of production, those are half truths they use to not deal with you. Yes you should want to ultimately reach top quality of no matter what it is you desire to produce but there isn’t that much of a corralation to your success and the financial quality of your product. It is more about percieved value where the people will stand behind it no matter how “good” it is. Terms like good are subjective to the person and it will change based on emotional attachment therefore you need to focus more on getting the people on your side or just to recognize you. You can’t pay for things like rap fame, it is to be earned or given so you must focus your resources on things that will bring such.