Role Players In Rap

One thing that I have realized is how having a bunch of people with ideas doesn’t make a team. Understand that if your “squad” all wants to be Jordan and no one is willing to be Pippen then nothing is going to happen. Someone has to sacrifice their ego and be the role player for the greator good. Sadly with everyone being the main character in their own RPG no one wants to take a backseat and help someone elses dream. It seems people prefer to struggle than to accept guidence from someone who has it together but not popping yet.


Do you remember when the Toronto Raptors had both Tracy Mcgrady and Vince Carter? Those players should have been the core foundation to a championship competing team. Sadly neither player were willing to accept a role outside of being the primary scorer, making that team fail. This is the mentality people take in life and are too self consumed to do otherwise. Every time someone brings an idea to you then you bring up an idea you had. When someone brings a song to you then you talk about songs you wrote before. Instead of helping someone do their thing you are are more focused on getting your own shine out of a conversation.


I understand everyone has their own aspirations to strive towards but if you are going to get anything done then you will need to co-operate with others. This means accepting a role in their business as you buy time to create your own if they are in the best position. Personally I have accepted this multiple times and it has worked well for me. The first time was getting put in a position to learn how to engineer and produce but working for my now best friend. Sure I had my label but the better move was to learn skills instead of being full of myself on a label that ultimately didn’t go anywhere. Currently I am doing this as I am helping my other homie with his events. This is teaching me promotional strategies that I can apply to anything when putting on live events. I am doing this all while I have building quite the following on Youtube. I am willing to put my own to the side so I can help another succeed because these things will ultimately help me in the long run.


The moral to this story is to check your ego when you have nothing and dealing with someone making moves. Keep in mind some people simply like to talk so you need to see action. Yet when someone is actively doing something then it is in your best interest to learn from them. I would much rather be part of something major than to be hustling for chump change on my own. Therefore find a role and play it until it is time for you to emerge.