Roll The Dice To Play The Game


So recently I was helping at an event that my homie owns and had an interesting interaction with someone. See one thing that I do for my homie is get emails to help build his audience. Now this woman knew the game, when you give your email people will send you messages. She wanted to find a way around such and I responded to her, “if you want to play the game then you have to roll the dice”. I made that up on the spot but definitely something you have to understand. Everything comes with a risk or a cost and the only way you are going to get in the game is if you put up.

If your not putting in on the start up capitol, what makes you think you should have some of the profits? People want to be on the bench and want credit for dropping points, life simply don’t work that way. You have to be willing to lose everything before you can get anything. When you go to the casino trying not to lose the money you came with then you will never make any money. Every dollar you put on the table is already gone, now its up to you to be able to flip it or lose it. Basically everything will require some form of start up capitol or loss in order for you to eventually shine. This is the cost to play.


Keep in mind that people will use this knowledge to scam you. See it cost to get in anything worth while that can build but people will dangle that in front of your eyes to get your startup funds. Understand the best lies are the ones that are based on truth. Things like needing to invest in yourself is absolutely true but people will twist that by saying you need to invest in yourself by buying this flawed product I am offering. This is why I have always said to focus on researching to not fall for well laid scams. People will always pretend to be the connect you need but in the end of the day that person is looking back at you in the mirror.


The moral to this story is to know that if you are going to be successful out here then you will need to take risks. You will need to put money up or put in the time and energy well before finances come into play. There is truly no way around this, the more you seek an alternate route the more time you are wasting. Always play your cards wisely because people will always twist the truth into their favor. Thats where researching and being knowledgeable comes into play. This is just a fact of life that you will not be able to get around, you have to play the game if your going to get good at it.